UPDATED: A Morton Family Nightmare | Montgomery County Wages War Against Athens, Texas Mom in 2 Custody Cases

UPDATED: More details have been added to this story. See below. The family law courts being discussed in this case involve the 359th District Court (Judge Kathleen Hamilton/Anderson case) and the 418th District Court (Judge Tracy A. Gilbert/Nick Morton case.) Hamilton is pictured below:

[–Original Story w/Dec. 15 Updates–]

CONROE — It’s not just who you know, but who you marry. An Athens, Texas mother, Jennie Morton, is finding that out the hard way. The mother of three, Morton, 37, has been led before family law court judges in Montgomery County near Houston in a legal war being fought on two fronts involving two of her three children: Aiden (from ex-Tommy Anderson) and Hunter (from ex-Nick Morton.) Morton’s the family line giving Jennie the most headache. His family is heavily involved in the community, non-profits and civic organizations, and has ties to every judge, politician and police department in the county. Anderson is originally from the northeast Texas area (Longview), comes from deep pockets and creeped Jennie out with his fetishses — three-somes (w/other men), swinger clubs, etc. While in the middle of a custody battle with Tommy, Jennie met Nick Morton, a persistent new next-door neighbor. Things were okay at first, but quickly, Nick Morton showed his aggressive true colors. Jennie subsequently ended up pregnant with Hunter, now 3, but not before Nick used his connections in law enforcement, the courts and Montgomery County politics to prune her into spending more than $186,000 over the past three years fighting him in court. Jennie has been in court a total of five years fighting two battles with two exes. Aside from the constant harassment, stalking and verified doctor’s reports that attest to Jennie’s worries and fears that her ex (Nick) is following her, no one listens in Montgomery County. Surely not the prosecutors or the law enforcement community, who were seen at a recent Chamber of Commerce event sitting with the Morton family and laughing. Or, surely no one would think law enforcement won’t pursue stalking, harassment or terroristic threat charges on Nick due to the Morton family taking them on hunting trips. (for conspiracy theorists: yes, the Mortons are Masons, and those ruining Jennie’s life are as well) Must explain how Nick Morton can get away with — on tape much of it — threatening to murder Jennie and then the next day, showing up to her driveway and cleaning and shining his gun. “He threatened to kill me and anyone close to me,” Jennie says.

Much of the stalking and harassment enabling could have to do with the fact Nick Morton’s lawyer — Lynn Esposito, who was also acting as co-counsel in the Tommy/Aiden custody case, shockingly — and, according to two sources, told how to monitor and spy on Jennie using her own cellphone. Jennie says in numerous depositions through her complex custody battles that lawyers were asking very poignant questions centering on private conversations she had with close friends or family. It was later confirmed when Jennie took her phone to Sprint that the files in her media card had the intricate software embedded that allows anyone with the knowledge of it to listen in on every conversation, read her text messages and view her contacts list. Esposito, who was later thrown off the Tommy Anderson custody battle involving Jennie, is on tape instructing GPS devices be used to follow Jennie. Esposito has been seen with 418th District Court Judge Tracy A. Gilbert, the jurist on the Nick Morton custody case, discussing things about the case — without Jennie’s lawyer present. It’s suspected that these meetings — in court, in the judge’s office — were ex-parte hearings. It should also be noted that Judge Kathleen Hamilton‘s treatment towards Jennie in the Tommy Anderson custody case has been nothing short of evil and despotic.

Protective Order Begats Custody Fight

Jennie says when she pursued a protective order against Nick Morton for the threats, the stalking, the harassment and the routine physical abuse, that’s when the pedal was put to the floor on the outside custody matter: despite being a millionaire, Nick pays the minimum child support allowed: $600 per month. Jennie has had information leaked from local law enforcement agencies — some of the 9-1-1 calls confirm this — that in attempting to call for protection, Nick was already on the phone giving his side of the story. No one could prove who was doing what, so nothing was pursued against him, Jennie says. It was after the protective order attempts went nowhere (one law firm that was paid $46,000 from Jennie couldn’t get a protective order from a Montgomery County judge?) that Nick told Jennie: “I am going to break you.” That he has. Exhausting thousands and thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and forced to leave Montgomery County for her family’s confines in Henderson County, Jennie is waging two wars in two courts in one corruption-laden county.

Morton Family Connections
Owners of the influential Conroe Welding Supply, Jennie says the longtime family business patriarch (Ricky Morton) bought and traded for political influence. When she would go to law firms to help fight the custody battles, thousands of dollars were plopped down, only to have nothing get done. Kent Shriver took $46,000 in Jennie’s money and did nothing. Shriver’s law partner bragged about the numerous audio recordings of Nick threatening to kill Jennie, but Kent Shriver ultimately told her it would be hard to get a protective order in Montgomery County’s courts against him. Jennie was determined. Jennie was also called a liar after alleging Nick was arrested for DWI. It had been expunged. Someone she counted on to provide the documented evidence “forgot” and the court ended up making Jennie out to be a liar. Court documents obtained by The Ellis County Observer and Houston Helium confirm that Nick was arrested — and had it expunged — for DWI in 2007. Nick also received a $1 million loan from his mother to purchase an Allstate Insurance agency in the community.

Visitation w/Hunter
Jennie is allowed to see Hunter on the first, third and fifth weekends, plus every over holiday. But, in a sick twist one year, Tommy and Nick coordinated a cold-hearted move that disallowed Jennie from seeing her children on Mother’s Day — despite the fact  she had visitation on that day. This is on top of the verbal abuse Ricky Morton gives her. Calling her a “whore” and other choice language, it was actually the Morton (“mort” means death) family that told Nick to marry her after he got her pregnant. When Jennie filed for divorce after the abuse and the fact Nick cheated on her while pregnant with a 19-year-old, the Morton family ostracized her. Ricky, Jennie says, takes the boys on camping trips — alone. Baseball games. Other activities that are normal for grandchildren, but she secretly wonders if there are not under-the-radar physical abuse taking place. Despite Nick routinely breaking custody orders by having Hunter turned over to his mother a day or two late, he still wants Jennie to be in his life. “It’s about control, he’s [so into himself] and extremely jealous,” she said. It was actually Nick Morton who filed for divorce from Jennie first, however.

Jennie said she does not want the perception that she was some “white trash hoe” permeate the Nick and Tommy defense. During the time she went through Tommy’s courtroom battles in Montgomery County, she spent nine months working full-time, tending to her children and attending church twice a week. It wasn’t until after about nine months of being single that Nick moved in right next door. On top of all of this, Nick and Tommy’s strategies — confirmed via phone records obtained by The Ellis County Observer/Houston Helium — were to conspire to keep the kids from her and to compare notes. The courtroom battles also cost Jennie her well-paying job. She had to take off so much time just to go to court. “He was determined to break me financially, too,” she says.

Anderson Family Connections
Aside from the fetishes and bizarre sexual behavior, Jennie is concerned that Aiden is repeatedly abused physically by “KK,” Tommy’s new wife. Aiden is hit each time he tells his “KK” that he loves his mother. Jennie says she found about the abuse at a baseball game when Aiden refused to hold her hand or hug her. He would cry and told Jennie that he was spanked and beaten every time he spoke her name. Jennie met Tommy by a chance encounter in a doctor’s office one day. A persistent mother, Patsey Anderson kept pleading with Jennie to call her son, that “you are so beautiful, my son is single, you have to call him!” Jennie didn’t think it was appropriate for a woman to initiate contact, so he gave Tommy’s mom her number, and Tommy called the next morning. Over hours and hours of phone conversations for the next few weeks, Jennie and Tommy became a couple. Jennie says it was Tommy’s bizarre sexual deviancy that ultimately kept her from marrying him. Tommy told his new wife, Karen (“KK”), that Jennie was nothing more than a one-night stand.

Visitation w/Aiden
Jennie  gets to see Aiden the first and third weekends. Tommy’s political connections have forced her to pay child support, but she has to undergo a mental evaluation. Also a man of considerable wealth, Tommy pays the minimum amount of child support each month: $600 (the maximum is $1,250.)

Full Custody of all Three Children
Jennie has three children, and had custody of them all up until July 2011. Since she would not marry Tommy due to the sexual deviancy, he has had her sheered in court battles, and every year Tommy files motions to get full custody and in essence, have Jennie’s rights terminated.

Chuck Bonner | Father of Jennie’s Daughter, Ex-Husband
Having attended Trinity Valley Community College and an alum of Cross Roads High School, Jennie met Chuck Bonner and eventually moved to Conroe to be with him. She finished school at Sam Houston State University and got into law school. But, insecure, Chuck argued and barked at her to ditch the law school dreams or else face divorce.  Jennie complied and left law school. Due to the restrictions put on her by the prior marriage with Chuck Bonner, Jennie was in essence stuck in Montgomery County. No family nearby, but it would be nine months after the divorce with Chuck before Jennie found Tommy…

How’d We Find Out About Jennie’s Case?
Having been drug-tested more times than normal, Jennie says she is not a bad mom. She’s got nothing left to lose. Thousands of dollars in lawyer fees, nothing. Thousands of dollars kept from her full-time job to battle courts, nothing. Jennie had clicked the “Like” button on The Sacramento Shield sidebar, and during a recent broadcast of Freedom of the Press Radio, yours truly spotted her name and photo (in the background, as the show was going on), and didn’t recognize it (not very many people know about The Shield since it’s so new), but I clicked her photo, saw that she was from Athens and contacted her about her story (that was visible on her Facebook profile.) Jennie says she had been praying that someone would cross her path to help with her cause. And the rest is history…this is how the story came about.

Stay Tuned for the Rest of the Jennie Morton Story: Freedom of the Press Radio interview w/Jennie Morton | Date/Time TBA