HoustonHe.com | Amy Charron & Raine Xanes Flier Download

The Amy Charron story gets its own flier, c/o The Ellis County Observer‘s sister publication, Houston Helium (the only media outlet in our portfolio that does not use “the.”) See below:

[PDF | Click Here to View, Read, Download or Print | Amy Charron Flier]


Freedom of the Press Group LLC Launches Houston Helium

Freedom of the Press Group LLC is expanding and increasing at a rapid pace with the launch of two new blogs: Houston Helium. The main reason Houston Helium was launched was in light of the Amy Charron interview.

“Houston Helium is the only entity without ‘the’ in front of it, which is unique,” said 30-year-old president/publisher Joey G. Dauben. “There are numerous people in the Houston area looking for a hard-hitting, investigative blog and I believe FOTP Group LLC was called to launch Helium there. I can’t tell you why I believe Yahweh said to launch and expand to these areas, other than, when we do, there almost always is some person or some case that we would have not known about had we not expanded into that area or location. I have faith that there are families, mothers, fathers and children who need our help in those areas, and they will now have a media outlet and forum in which to get their story out. It happens all the time. Every newspaper or blog we launch, the more people we get to help.”

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