Pedophile Protection Squads | Sob Stories. Fake Names. How to Spot Their Tactics.

Raine Xanes was contacted by known child molester Shane Crowe about The Ellis County Observer‘s articles and coverage of his sickening past. “Raine” text-messaged me, began telling me how she wasn’t seeking information to get a lawsuit, but the more this went on, the more bizarre her “story” started having holes in it. The fake photos were one thing: Then, she claimed she was a family law lawyer. Her name didn’t come up on the State Bar Web site. She had a Houston-area cellphone number (979), but she had a distinct European-ish accent. Almost like merging a Southern twang with a European accent (she said Raine Xanes is Swedish name.) Then, her sob story of being a widow with two daughters didn’t pan out. “Josh,” her mythical husband, was killed in the line of duty seven years ago while working as a cop. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCLEOSE) confirmed that no “Xanes” — or Josh or Joshua Xanes — has ever carried a peace officer commission in Texas. This was a very unusual learning experience. It shows that pedophiles have their own missionaries. It shows that in this business of exposing the wicked evil of judicial child pornography, child-sex trafficking rings being conducted through and out of family law courts, one must be on guard for these “Pedophile Protection Squads.”

 The Pedophile Protection Units go for the beautiful ones to deceive and divide

Anthony Lingle, whose ex-fiancee sold his daughter Hailey for $82,000 in a high-profile case also covered by The Ellis County Observer (and our sister publications from Freedom of the Press Group LLC), I believe, is the victim of another one of these “pedophile missionaries.”

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Barbara Farris | | Live Interviews of Family Law, CPS Cases


Barbara Farris: We get everyone to use their phones.. They will be live as they meet police, talk to doctors anything and everything related to who ignores the evidence.. JUDGES who allow the child to be handed to offender.

Barbara Farris’ three-part editorial series on how the child porn industry operates and permeates through family law courts was recently syndicated on

Parts 1, 2, 3 of Farris’ expose into the judicial pedophile rings can be found here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Shane Crowe Demands Stories, Photos Be Removed

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The California father accused of molesting his daughters and others has asked that Freedom of the Press Group LLC remove any and all postings, articles, radio show interviews and our newspaper content. We will not comply with this request, as it is all a matter of public record. Shane Crowe does, however, deny any wrongdoing.

I am formally requesting that any and all webpages and radio programs that include my child’s name, photograph or any reference to allegations that my child has been or is currently being abused be removed. I have not given permission for my child’s photograph or name to be posted on any website or to be discussed on any radio program. Any threats previously made have been reported to the authorities. The same will be done for any future threats. You do not have permission to post this or any correspondence per the confidentiality notice included in this email as well as the previous email.

Shane Crowe

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Secret Audio Recording: Supervised CPS Visit

During a supervised CPS visit, this audio was secretly recorded, and it is available here: tells her mommy I love you, I miss you on play phone by ramonamayonAmy Charron, the little girl’s mother, says: this one is the only time I get to hear my daughter say “I love you, mommy.”

Charron, in an interview recently on The ECO Show, described how she tried to report abuse, drugging being committed by her stepfather, an appointee of Gov. Rick Perry to the state dental board.

The audio is part of this story here: (includes photos and videos)

The Hebrew letter “He” (pronounced “hay”) is unique because Helium is represented by “He” on the Periodic Table of the Elements. In a dream, Yahweh gave me the message to establish a blog in Houston and he gave me the name for it: Helium. This was after the Amy Charron interview:

Yahweh then, on Nov. 26, in a vision, said he will mark the cities, towns, states with a Hebrew letter. The meaning, I am not sure. I do find myself pondering how FM 66 and Highway 77 intersect in Ellis County. Or, Hwy 67 that passes through Ellis County, as if to say that the fight between good and evil, the six (number of man) and seven (number of completion) are apparent in this county. For some reason, Yahweh picked Ellis County for a specified reason, and I believe that reason is going to be fulfilled and shown throughout the world by the “markings” of these various cities, towns, counties and states where the child abuse network, child-sex trafficking and child pornography rings are flourishing — and being exposed.

Because of the Amy Charron case, Freedom of the Press Group LLC launched Houston Helium, a blog for the Harris County/Houston area. Visit Houston Helium at

Freedom of the Press Group LLC Launches Houston Helium

Freedom of the Press Group LLC is expanding and increasing at a rapid pace with the launch of two new blogs: Houston Helium. The main reason Houston Helium was launched was in light of the Amy Charron interview.

“Houston Helium is the only entity without ‘the’ in front of it, which is unique,” said 30-year-old president/publisher Joey G. Dauben. “There are numerous people in the Houston area looking for a hard-hitting, investigative blog and I believe FOTP Group LLC was called to launch Helium there. I can’t tell you why I believe Yahweh said to launch and expand to these areas, other than, when we do, there almost always is some person or some case that we would have not known about had we not expanded into that area or location. I have faith that there are families, mothers, fathers and children who need our help in those areas, and they will now have a media outlet and forum in which to get their story out. It happens all the time. Every newspaper or blog we launch, the more people we get to help.”