Anti-CPS Lawyer Tom Sanders | Sugar Land

Tom Sanders is CPS’ worst nightmare. He is Houston’s version of Mark Griffith. The Ellis County Observer is going to plaster his name, services and contact information all over this electronic planet. The things he did today in the 321st District Court in Tyler, Texas in securing — on his first hearing in his first try — a 14-year-old boy to come back home, thereby getting CPS, the judge and others to all agree —- will be a monumental witnessing tool across the land that those who have faith, endure and keep praying that Yahweh moves the mountains (i.e., kingdoms and governments), will in fact come out victorious. Sanders’ claim to fame came about in the Gary Gates case in the Houston area, but on Dec. 1, he provided a firm victory in family court in Smith County. That story is here:

If you need a CPS lawyer to fight for you, a counselor who knows the law and the procedures, Tom Sanders is a self-described Christian whose savior is Jesus Christ. He is sought after by hundreds of homeschooling parents, too. It took a team of dedicated faith-driven individuals to secure this victory today. In Yahweh’s name will we praise for the monumental victory.

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