310th District Court | Petition to Bring Logan Home

HARRIS COUNTY — To be delivered to: LISA MILLARD, 310th DISTRICT JUDGE, The Texas State House, The Texas State Senate, Governor Rick Perry and The United States House of Representatives

Return Christopher “Logan” Parkes to his parents! Don’t let Judge Millard hold him hostage.

Logan was removed from his aunt’s home in August, 2010. Rather than being taken to his mother (who was not involved in his removal from the aunt’s home in any way), he was placed in 4 different shelters in a 10 month period, changed schools 4 times within a year & was placed in a treatment center for counseling for 4 months.

After 10 months, He was finally allowed to return to his mother’s home by CPS. Two months later the judge in Harris County’s Family Court, Lisa Millard, was outraged that CPS took this action without her approval. SHE ORDERED LOGAN REMOVED from his home & placed in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) immediately. The RTC is 150 miles from his home. He is only allowed visits from his parents once a month for two hours. Most children become young adults before they are released (2-3 YEARS LATER).

Since Logan was placed in the RTC, he has lost all hope, confidence, and self-esteem for himself & trust in authority figures.

His parents have been fighting to have him released to their custody. All of the attorneys, counselors & case workers agree that he needs to be returned to his home. However, JUDGE MILLARD doesn’t.


Direct Link to the 310th Districthttp://www.justex.net/Courts/FAMILY/FAMILYCourt.aspx?crt=57


One thought on “310th District Court | Petition to Bring Logan Home

  1. Our family needs your help. Please help reunite us with our son. Thank you for posting this petition.

    Judge Millard is not a bad judge. She’s just made bad judgements, in my opinion, regarding this case. I’m hoping that by getting people to sign this petition & leaving a comment that she can read, she will see her err in judgement & LET LOGAN GO HOME.

    Enough damage has been done to my son. It’s time to allow the healing tri begin before its too late. All prayers are appreciated.

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