Shane Crowe Demands Stories, Photos Be Removed

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The California father accused of molesting his daughters and others has asked that Freedom of the Press Group LLC remove any and all postings, articles, radio show interviews and our newspaper content. We will not comply with this request, as it is all a matter of public record. Shane Crowe does, however, deny any wrongdoing.

I am formally requesting that any and all webpages and radio programs that include my child’s name, photograph or any reference to allegations that my child has been or is currently being abused be removed. I have not given permission for my child’s photograph or name to be posted on any website or to be discussed on any radio program. Any threats previously made have been reported to the authorities. The same will be done for any future threats. You do not have permission to post this or any correspondence per the confidentiality notice included in this email as well as the previous email.

Shane Crowe

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